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Salacia reticulata

Salacia reticulata

  • No. 1 Herb of choice for prediabetes
  • “Wonder herb for optimum glycemic control”
  • Clinically proven herbal supplement for effective sugar balance
  • Long history of traditional use in India and Srilanka, well documented in Ayurvedic system of medicine for centuries, known for its effectiveness against maladies of diabetes.
  • Best suitable for conditions of Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes
  • Rich with polyphenols and mangiferin, supports healthy blood sugar levels.
  • Ideal choice for supporting metabolic health and obesity.
  • Known for preventing complications of diabetes.
  • Has potent antioxidant property with significant triglyceride and cholesterol lowering effects that aid in weight loss.
  • Possesses alpha glucosidase and pancreatic lipase inhibiting property which delays glucose absorption into the blood, improves glycemic control.
  • Effectively improves insulin resistance, glucose metabolism and supports healthy weight management.
  • Backed by numerous scientific studies and clinical evidence, Salacia is the best choice for overall diabetes management.

Salcital is a clinically proven herbal supplement

Clinical trials of SALCITAL has been approved by: clinical trial registry of India (No: TRI/2012/05/002678), National institute of Medical Statistics(India Council of Medical Research). clinical Trials :gov Identifiers: NCTO1680211(A service of the U.S.National Institute Of Health). World Health Organization, International Clinical Trials Registry platform.

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Salcital inhibits the α-glucosiade enzyme which stops the conversion of polysaccharide
to monosaccharide


In the intestine, Glucose Absorption is reduced


Secretion of Insulin in the Pancreas is increased


Increases the Peripheral Glucose Uptake in adipose tissues and the muscles


The active component in Salacital reticulata roots has been identified, standardized and extracted as SALCITAL, after successfully neutralizing the taste of "SALCITAL" and other herbal extracts the poly-herbal synergistic combination is blended with superior quality coffee beans sourced from coorg region of karnataka. Hence icoffee is best to manage Diabetes without compromising the authentic taste of coffee.